INFINIMOS is a Blockchain project that operates as a liquidity pool staking solution within the Cosmos ecosystem. It focuses on providing a compound staking income strategy tailored for Cosmos, with an emphasis on liquidity and security.

Additionally, the project has plans to expand to other Proof of Stake (POS) public chains like Ethereum and Solana. INFINIMOS also offers innovative solutions to the De-Fi community, from enhanced liquidity to advanced staking, guiding users towards decentralized finance.

What is the INFINIMOS Easter Airdrop about?

By participating in this Easter Airdrop, you can win $INFI tokens, engage with projects and join a growing community dedicated to reshaping the decentralized finance landscape. Also, you contribute to their mission of providing innovative solutions and leading the way toward a decentralized financial future.

INFINIMOS Easter Airdrop runs from March 24, 2024, UTC midnight, to March 31, 2024, UTC 11:59 PM respectively.
The pool of 20000 $INFI is first come, first served for the first 5000 participants who complete all three tasks.
Airdrop Distribution: Tokens will be distributed within one month of the event’s conclusion.

Infinimos Airdrop Tokens

How do I Participate?

As we celebrate Easter, we would like to invite you to the INFINIMOS Easter Airdrop! Join us and discover the innovative solutions that INFINIMOS provides in the De-Fi space.

Click here for full details about INFINIMOS Easter Airdrop.

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