Is it possible to have a career focus in crypto? Like an actual 9-5?

I know most people (traders and non-traders) see this as a shocking question—myself included. However, I fully understand why anyone won’t want to pursue a career in crypto. Imagine helping a crypto investor make money by recommending a “promising” coin. Twenty minutes later, all the investment charts are glowing red and your crypto steeze is out the window because of market volatility. Worse still, imagine doing this every day! I know every day isn’t a crypto-bad day, but still, it’s discouraging enough for a trader, to talk less of a full-time employee.

But is it that bad? Well, read on as we discuss various crypto-related jobs, what they require, and what they offer. Trust me, by the end of this article, you’ll consider branching into a crypto career yourself.

What are crypto Careers anyway?

Remember when we talked about how crypto runs on Blockchain and DeFi? Well, these things don’t run by themselves—most of the time. People are needed to monitor and supervise this automation to ensure that it runs smoothly and precisely—and that’s where crypto careers come in.

Cryptocurrency careers involve working with a cryptocurrency, and they’re often available in the computer science and programming fields. Tracking, trading, constructing, and monitoring cryptocurrencies and the corresponding blockchains or digitalized financial ledgers that host them require various technical skills.

Skills Requirements for Crypto Careers

What kind of skills do you need to build a career in crypto? Most importantly, Do you need to trade or learn how to trade to work in the crypto industry?

The answer is both yes and no. While you don’t need trading experience to build a crypto career (for certain roles like marketing, HR, business management, and development), some major roles may require trading experience (ranging from little to expert). They include software development, Computer programming, cryptography, and financial analysis.

However, technical skills are a must for every role. So what kind of roles are we talking about?

10 crypto careers to consider

Here are the top 10 crypto careers to consider if you’re interested in something technical and challenging;

Technical writer (Average salary:$74,296/yr)

Perfectly normal to put myself first.

Technical writers create content about complex topics and condense highly technical information into a format that people who aren’t experts can understand. They create content guides about technology, including cryptocurrency concepts, and write brochures, manuals, and journal articles. They must research various cryptocurrencies and crypto tools and work with technical experts to ensure their writing is accurate and comprehensive.

Marketing Manager (Average salary:$70,297/yr)

 A marketing manager establishes promotional policies for an organization and oversees its marketing campaigns both offline and online. They collaborate with advertising and promotional managers to plan events, analyze marketing data, establish new campaign strategies, create estimates for campaign costs, and evaluate the success of marketing campaigns. When working with cryptocurrency, marketing managers may also collaborate with technical and financial teams to develop strategies for advertising the currency.

Financial analyst (Average salary:$73,812 /yr)

financial analyst makes predictions about the performance of an investment by collecting and analyzing data about the current industry and the wider financial environment. They recommend investments, compile and analyze financial reports, meet with management and executives to assess an organization’s prospects, evaluate financial data to identify trends, and present financial reports. Financial analysts who work with cryptocurrency also monitor market trends and currency values and incorporate that data into their analyses.

Web developer (Average salary:$77,791/yr)

web developer writes code for the user-facing front end and the information-supplying back end of a website. They construct new websites while also maintaining and updating existing ones. In the cryptocurrency sector, they may work for crypto companies and update their websites to collect and analyze user feedback while improving the physical appearance and overall site security.

crypto careers

Cryptocurrency trader (Average salary:$92,687/yr)

A cryptocurrency trader is a finance specialist who uses cryptocurrencies to enhance investments. They research crypto market trends, use data analysis and trading metrics to identify market inefficiencies and opportunities, determine how to improve risk management techniques and develop, maintain, and improve crypto trading models and systems. Traders often work with other industry specialists to identify trading opportunities and assess market data.

Blockchain developer (Average salary:$94,771/yr)

Blockchain developers design, build, and maintain blockchains, which are databases used in cryptocurrency to secure digital transactions. They may design this architecture or build additional applications for existing blockchains. Their duties might include writing and testing code, troubleshooting issues, and collaborating with software engineers. They also stay updated on changing blockchain technologies to make updates and optimize applications.

Information technology (IT)/ Cyber security specialist (Average salary:$44,889/yr)

An IT security specialist detects potential security breaches and works to prevent information security incidents from affecting systems. Security is important for the crypto industry, and security specialists working in this field manage the security of cryptocurrency exchanges to prevent hackers from infiltrating them. They protect user data and information by tracking threats and fraudulent transactions.

Data Analyst (Average salary:$119,380/yr)

Data scientists examine and translate data into comprehensive information and write computer algorithms and code to better understand data sets. They evaluate how to best model data, identify solutions to complex problems using raw data and machine learning, collaborate with data engineers, and communicate analytical results to an organization’s executives. In the cryptocurrency sector, they may use blockchain technology to assess the performance of a cryptocurrency, identify future price movements, and compile relevant data.

Software engineer (Average salary:$108,896/yr)

Software engineers design and develop mobile and web applications and software systems for businesses. In the cryptocurrency industry, they may use programming languages like C++ and Python to work on blockchains, substacks, and analytical programs. Their other duties may include testing systems and adapting them to new specifications, documenting system issues for future maintenance, performing regular updates, recommending upgrades, and collaborating with other engineers and developers.

Project/Product manager (Average salary:$105,434)

Also known as the bond, the product manager oversees the entire product development process and supervises sales or product teams to ensure they accomplish all their tasks efficiently. In the cryptocurrency industry, their duties might involve creating, reviewing, and updating product roadmaps to assist with new crypto products and coins, prioritizing and assigning tasks for the development team, and brainstorming ideas with executives and other relevant parties. They might also write feature descriptions for the design and technical teams and lead the product prototype development process.

Crypto Career benefits

  • High Income: Like most technical jobs, crypto careers pay very well. By working in these roles, you can quickly become financially stable within a short time.
  • Flexibility: Most of these roles are either part-time or remote, supporting work-life balance arrangements for their staff.
  • Value-oriented: These technical jobs involve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are highly sought after thus, increasing the value of such workers.
  • Low competition: Such positions aren’t exactly saturated, hence finding employment won’t be difficult.
  • Opportunity to Build on the Future: As per all innovative roles. crypto careers are key players in technological advancement. This gives people the opportunity of a lifetime as stakeholders in shaping a futuristic world.
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To Be or Not to Be

Pursuing a crypto career in an anti-inconvenience world like ours indeed seems daunting. But trust me, being part of something much bigger than you, is also inspiring. According to an anonymous poet:
“The difference between a great man and a little man lies in the heart’s resolve and the spirit’s ambition.”

So learn that skill, get that crypto certification, and chase that crypto career today!

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