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So, I recently came across this new Ethereum Improvement Proposal, (EIP-7732), and I have to say, it’s quite an exciting project! The developers behind Ethereum are looking to completely overhaul block validation, which could seriously speed up the blockchain.

Ethereum founder's words on new EIP-7732 project

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, champions this project, which responds to the growing need for a faster and more efficient Ethereum network. EIP-7732 is all about making the Ethereum blockchain more efficient and secure. Essentially, the proposal aims to split the block validation process into two parts: consensus and execution.

What is EIP-7732?

The core idea of EIP-7732, or Ethereum Pro (which I think is much cooler), is the Enshrined Proposer-Builder Separation (EPBS). This means that the task of creating blocks is divided between two roles: the consensus proposer and the execution proposer. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Consensus Proposer: This person selects who will actually build the block.
  • Execution Proposer: This person is responsible for creating a valid block, which includes important data like payments or block hashes.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, a group of validators called the Payload Timeliness Committee (PTC) makes sure the execution proposer delivers the block on time. By separating these roles, EIP-7732 aims to reduce the load on validators, making the network faster and more efficient.

ethereum today: network just launched their new project
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What makes EIP-7732 so cool?

Right now, Ethereum validators have to handle both consensus and execution tasks almost simultaneously, which can lead to delays and inefficiencies. With the EPBS approach, validators can focus on consensus first and deal with execution later without compromising the network’s performance or security.

Another cool feature of EIP-7732 is that it introduces a trust-free exchange between builders and proposers. This ensures that payments are made and valid blocks are included without needing any middlemen. It’s a pretty neat solution that could simplify things a lot.

ethereum today: founder pushes for faster transaction speeds

Ethereum’s Need for Speed

Vitalik Buterin has been pushing for faster transaction times, and EIP-7732 aligns perfectly with this vision. Thanks to the changes from EIP-1559 and the Merge, Ethereum’s transaction confirmations are now down to between five and 20 seconds. While that’s pretty good, some applications need even faster speeds, much quicker than the current 12-second Gasper consensus mechanism.

With EIP-7732 in action, we might see even faster transaction speeds soon. Of course, this will require another hard fork, bringing in some backward-incompatible changes, but the potential benefits seem worth it.

Simply put, EIP-7732 could be a game-changer for Ethereum. By separating the consensus and execution processes and introducing a trust-free system for block inclusion, this proposal could make the Ethereum blockchain more efficient and faster than ever.

So that, my dear readers, is the latest on Ethereum today. I’m definitely keeping an eye on how this develops!

Till next time!

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