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Firstly, Happy Women’s Day to every woman who wakes up every morning and decides to shine brighter than the brightest star.
You’re amazing, sis.

Secondly, what is Binance cooking?
Crypto Fragrance? Never in a million years would I have expected this move.

For those who don’t know the latest gist on crypto, Binance just launched its new marketing campaign to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day. The campaign aims to spark conversations about the gender gap in the industry with the launch of a “CRYPTO” fragrance. Yeah, I had that same look when I first heard it too.

Binance “Fragrance to Finance” Campaign

So here’s the full gist.

Binance, one of the largest global crypto exchanges, recently unveiled its new initiative to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD) and address the gender gap in the sector.

The project aims to help women learn about cryptocurrency through a beginner course on Binance Academy. A marketing campaign will also be launched to discuss ways to bridge the gender gap in this field.

The exchange’s objective for International Women’s Day is to assist women globally in entering the crypto market. As part of this initiative, they offer a $25 reward in USDT to the initial 5,000 women who complete a brief quiz on Binance Academy.

On Tuesday, an X (previously known as Twitter) post provided the first glimpse of the ‘CRYPTO’ fragrance publicly. This fragrance is described as a blend of luxurious and exotic ingredients, such as HODL, DYOR, YOLO, and LFG.

“Fragrance meets finance.

The new #Binance scent is here… pic.twitter.com/0A8kEuhYhR

— Binance (@binance) March 5, 2024

The actual announcement revealed that the perfume was part of Binance’s 2024 IWD inclusivity campaign. The exchange set up a perfume stand to attract the female visitors who passed by. The video featured mostly women who said they had not yet embarked on their crypto journey. Despite their curiosity about the sector, they mentioned that a “fear factor” has contributed to their cautious approach towards cryptocurrencies.

Thumbs up or down?

The marketing strategy definitely initiated a discussion within the community. Users shared their opinions on the campaign, indicating that the exchange might not have hit the target this time.

Betty, an artist and the creator of the successful Deadfellaz NFT collection has brought attention to a campaign that appears to rely on the assumption that women can be enticed by “beautiful things.”

The community responded negatively to the campaign’s potentially intentional or unintentional stereotypical approach.

The comments received indicate that the post faced objections regarding the exchange’s choice to initiate this aspect of the plan. Some individuals expressed doubts about the actual objective of the campaign and Binance’s efforts to “bridge” the gender divide in the sector.

Talking about bad publicity and Binance, this one takes the cake.

In the replies, several recommendations were made to give women a voice in the crypto-verse, allowing them to share their experiences. This may inspire others to learn more about the industry and demonstrate that it is not exclusively male-oriented.

“As a woman in crypto I thought this was a joke. Sweet Jesus how did this idea get through??

Why not just share more about the incredible females already in the space? Use your platform to elevate them so other women that are not yet in the space can see it’s not just a bro club”

Rondel, U.S based crypto enthusiast.

Although the industry seems predominantly male, there has been a significant increase in the number of female crypto enthusiasts. According to recent reports, women of all ages are feeling empowered to learn and become part of the community, especially in regions and countries that are economically unstable.

Personally, what do you think of Binance’s Women’s Day campaign? Are you for team thumbs up or team thumbs down?

Let us know what you think!

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