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NOTcoin is doing surprisingly well, for a coin that claims it’s not a coin. Since its inception in May 2018, The coin has performed well on the crypto charts, with a market capital of $1.45B (NGN499.5B), making it a good choice for crypto investors. But before you press that “Buy” button, here are some things you should know about Notcoin.

market predictions of Notcoin
Notcoin crypto information via Coingecko

Notcoin recently experienced a Market Drop

Notcoin’s price is attempting to secure a breakout, and this could be the likely outcome, considering the shift in investors’ sentiment. A week ago, Notcoin’s open interest experienced a significant drop, decreasing by $70 million. Despite this decline, it is starting to show signs of recovery, currently sitting at $151 million.

This recovery in open interest suggests that market participants are regaining confidence in Notcoin. The rebound indicates that traders are again engaging with the asset after the initial drop.

market predictions of Notcoin

Notcoin was originally a Mobile Game

Launched as a viral Telegram game, Notcoin quickly onboarded users into the Web3 space through its innovative tap-to-earn mechanic. Notcoin, simply put, is a social clicker game. Players who want to earn in-game coins can open up the Telegram app, tap Notcoin’s bot, invite friends to the game, and dive in. 

Once you’re in the game, a gold coin is displayed on your screen—and you tap the coin to earn an in-game currency called Notcoin. You’re given limited energy that depletes and then refills slowly over time, so you can’t click endlessly without barriers.

After much silence, Notcoin’s team announced an airdrop for a real token ultimately awarded to players in May. Since then, major exchanges like Binance, OKX, and Bybit listed the token on day one, running staking rewards campaigns, collectively rewarding their customers with more than 4 billion NOT. Binance customers staked over $14 billion worth of crypto to secure rewards.

Notcoin airdrops

How much Notcoin costs in Naira

Notcoin (NOT) is worth ₦21.83 today, which is a 0.9% increase from an hour ago and a 6.1% decline since yesterday. The all-time high price of 1 NOT in NGN is ₦42.17, recorded on Jun 02, 2024 (26 days). It remains to be seen if the value of 1 NOT/NGN will exceed the current all-time high.

Over the last month, the price increased by 42.80% against the Nigerian Naira (NGN). In fact, Notcoin has outperformed against the broader crypto market, which is down by -11.20%.

Where to Buy

Some popular platforms for buying Notcoin include KuCoin, Binance, CoinEx, OKX, Bybit, and MEXC. It’s important to research and compare fees, security features, and supported currencies before choosing an exchange, as there are considerable differences.

In addition, you should be mindful of your investment approach, crypto storage, and other aspects of buying and trading Notcoin.

Is It Good for Long-term Investment?

There are several factors that you should look into that can help you gauge whether Notcoin is a good long-term investment, including:

  • Fundamentals (team, roadmap, solving a real-world problem)
  • Adoption and community (users, developers, and investors participating in its ecosystem)
  • Liquidity and stability (a strong track record of security and compliance and being traded on reputable exchanges)
  • Technological innovation (a strong technical foundation that sets it apart from competitors and adds value to the ecosystem)

Happy trading!

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