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So you’ve decided to go into crypto trading?

Great choice, especially for my Nigerian readers with all the inflation and economic crisis everywhere. But crypto isn’t something you wake up one morning and start doing. In fact, Nike’s “just do it” motto is forbidden in the crypto world. Preparation is the keyword here, and I’ll give you some tips on how to start this journey on the right foot.

Crypto Basics

How well do you know crypto—like really know it?

Before going off to the big stuff like ETFs and Halving, you need foundational crypto knowledge. You must be able to answer questions like: What is crypto? What’s the difference between crypto and stock trading? What are crypto investment strategies? Things like this help you understand business or crypto articles and guide you when making certain investment decisions. So here they are:

What is Crypto?

Quick question; Do you play Monopoly?
Imagine the same paper money but this time, it’s worth something in real life. And instead of being paper, it’s all digital. Crypto is like digital Monopoly money stored in an advanced notebook (blockchain), mined like gold (crypto mining), and stored in wallets you don’t lose on the couch (crypto wallets).

Cryptocurrency, or crypto, employs advanced cryptographic techniques to track transactions and ownership within a decentralized network. This innovative system operates without a single controlling authority, offering a peer-to-peer payment platform that empowers anyone, anywhere, to send and receive payments online. Every transaction is painstakingly recorded in a public ledger and securely stored in digital wallets.

Crypto vs Stocks

Both are legends in the financial industry, with slight differences.
The concept of stock trading dates back to the early 17th century. The first official stock exchange was established in Amsterdam in 1602 when the Dutch East India Company issued the first shares of stock and bonds, allowing investors to buy a small part of the company and potentially earn profits based on its success. Meanwhile, the first notable crypto transaction was on May 22, 2010, famously known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day,” when a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. Till today, Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated worldwide.

difference between crypto trading and stock trading
Laszlo Hanyecz and his family after buying 2 pizzas with 10,00 bitcoins.

So what are the main differences between these two? Here’s a quick infographic.

tabular comparison between crypto trading and stock trading
crypto vs stocks infographic via capital.com

Types of cryptocurrencies

If I ask you to name 5 crypto coins right now or drop your phone in water for 1 minute, will your phone survive?

Everybody knows about Bitcoin, but there’s so much more. In fact, there are about 9,000 cryptocurrencies, according to research in 2022. Apart from Bitcoin, we have altcoins, stablecoins, Defi tokens, and then there’s NFTs.

Why bother with cryptocurrencies? Knowing the various cryptocurrencies helps you know which is more valuable and which to buy, sell, or invest. You can read this article for more on crypto basics.

Price comparison between the top cryptocurrencies via statistica

Crypto Trading Strategies

Do you agree that there’s a big difference between knowing what fishing is and how to fish?

Crypto, like fishing, has many strategies. Although, experience plays a big role in navigating the crypto market, studying trade fundamentals helps newbie traders travel far on the road to success.

What are these trading strategies?

Day TradingBuying and selling cryptocurrencies within the same dayProfit from short-term price movementsTechnical analysis, trend lines, and volume charts
Swing TradingHolding positions for several days to weeksCapture medium-term trendsMomentum indicators, chart patterns, and moving averages
HODLingLong-term investment strategy; holding crypto despite volatilityBenefit from long-term appreciationFundamental analysis, strong conviction in chosen cryptocurrencies
ScalpingNumerous trades throughout the day for small profitsAccumulate small profits over timeHigh-frequency trading, automated bots, technical analysis
ArbitrageExploiting price differences across different exchangesProfit from price disparitySimultaneous buying and selling on different platforms, quick execution
Trend FollowingTrading based on current market direction (upward or downward)Reduce the impact of volatility, lower average costMoving averages, trend lines, momentum indicators
Range TradingTrading within predictable ranges of highs and lowsBuy at support, sell at resistanceSupport and resistance levels, oscillators like RSI
Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)Investing a fixed amount at regular intervalsReduce the impact of volatility, lower the average costConsistent and scheduled investments irrespective of market conditions
Position TradingHolding positions for long periods (months to years)Take advantage of long-term trendsFundamental analysis, macroeconomic trends, project developments
News-Based TradingMaking trades based on news events and announcementsProfit from market reactions to newsMonitoring news sources, social media, official announcements
Tabular comparison of top crypto trading strategies and their properties

International Crypto regulations

This is perhaps the most important thing every trader should know. Legal regulations play a huge role in crypto trading as they define what is allowed and what isn’t, which includes your crypto profits. To avoid any headlock with financial government institutions, make sure you understand the kind of legal regulations that exist within your country.

Crypto trading is legal in Nigeria however, the hurdles are rigorous. Recently, the Nigerian SEC released a statement, explaining the enrolment process and standards that domestic and international exchanges need to meet before approval.

Aside from this, several events have also occurred; including the Binance lawsuit and the P2P trade ban. These events reflect the rigid stance of the federal government and the CBN on crypto trading, making the citizens afraid of performing crypto transactions.

But you don’t need to worry about that.

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Don’t forget to stay updated with the latest changes and crypto trends, and remember, learning never stops. There’s a pile of trading resources on the internet, make sure you find what works for you and stay consistent.

So, my dear readers, there goes my 2 cents’ worth of trading advice. Hope it was worth the read!

Do you have questions about crypto trading in Nigeria or just want to share your 2 cents’ worth of advice? Drop them in the comments!

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